is an artistic collective created by young actors, course mates, Latvian Academy of Culture graduates. was born on 2004 during the last year of studies in the Academy, when some young puppeteers and drama actors decided not to join any of existing theatre troupes, but decided to create their own artistic collective with no rules, no creative limits, no “forced commitments”. "Umka" is a name of a pink teddy bear from one of the umka group member's childhood it’s frontal photography in black and white became the group logo.

\Untraditional way of thinking and the experience gained participating in student festivals (best director award in Setkani Encounters 2004, Czech Republic and jury special prize in Cabourg 2005, France) encouraged them to continue their task. Main group consists of four young artists: Andris Kalnozols, Girts Solis, Armands Bergis, Gints Sirmelis-Sirmanis. Time to time Umka team is still co-operating with their ex. course mates, a young artists from other Latvian theatres and independent artists and groups from abroad. Also they still are continuing their studies in arts, theatre and participating in other, different cultural events in Latvia and abroad.