"About A Man"

Duration: 50 min
Language: English
On stage: Girts Solis, Edgars Makens, Edgars Subrovskis, Rudolfs Kokins, Marcis Gurtins

“About A Man” – is a musical performance about dreams, loneliness, love and inexplicable longing…
The storyline is centered on Julius, mid-aged postman, whose life has become a routine. He has his hobbies, his caprices, his own opinion and he likes the way he lives. But things will start to change when he opens the package of undelivered and returned letters...

Story created by Girts Solis, Edgars Makens, Edgars Subrovskis, Rudolfs Kokins, Marcis Gurtins

Music - “Gaujarts” & Edgars Makens
Directed by Girts Solis

Premierre: 04.09.2009, "Lainsuojattomat X" festival, Pori, Finland

Produced by: umka.lv & Gaujarts , "Dirty Deal Cafe" , Latvijas Kultūrkapitāla fonds, RDKP


"Grandpa's Show"

Duration: 1h
Language: Latvian, English
On stage: Girts Solis, Andris Kalnozols, Gints Sirmelis-Sirmanis, Armands Bergis

Umka's bestseller! Puppet cabaret & parody show

Premierre: xmas time .2008, Dirty Deal Cafe, Riga,, Latvia.

Produced by: umka.lv, "Dirty Deal Cafe" , Latvijas Kultūrkapitāla fonds



"Norlevo FM"

Duration: 1h
Language: plain nonsence
On stage: Girts Solis, Andris Kalnozols, Gints Sirmelis-Sirmanis

Art: Maija Kurseva

Sound: KRII

The play was born from a short co-work with Maija Kurseva – one of the most fascinating artists of Andrejsala (Maija is a major graduate of Latvian Arts Academy ). The result of the co-working is a birth of a strange black & white world – where the media (like radio station called “Norlevo FM”) has incredible impact on the individual's life. It consists of several short stories about media, stupidity, lust for power and money; control, zombifying and emergency contraception, happening at the same time and the same city during the “Norlevo FM” evening show.

Premierre: 18.07.2008, Positivus AB festival, Salacgriva, Latvia.

Produced by: umka.lv, "Dirty Deal Cafe" , Latvijas Kultūrkapitāla fonds


The Creatures

- industrial musical wood fairy tail about:

Friendship, love, releations, Animals and human, hunter and quarry, wolves and wild cats, rubber gooses, sisters and brothers, fathers and sons...

Have you ever thought where the human killed animal souls go after death?

Produced by: umka.lv, "Dirty Deal Cafe", Latvijas Kultūrkapitāla fonds


Show Your Face

Show Your Face is a multimedia performance created by Umka.lv and artists from Betontanc that uses the techniques of physical and object theatre.
The story line is based on a strip cartoon and imaginative tale about a small, unimportant person without a face, but with a marvellous voice that all the world governors want to obtain.

Co-authors and performers :
Umka.lv: Andris Kalnozols, Marcis Lacis, Gints Širmelis-Širmanis;
Betontac: Primož Bezjak, Daša Doberšek, Katarina Stegnar, Branko Jordan;
Director: Matjaz Pograjc
Dramaturgy: Andris Gauja
Music: "The Silence" & U.Vitins

Co-produced by: the New Theatre Institute of Latvia and Bunker Productions

Thanks to: Association THEOREM, EC Programme Culture 2000, Ministry of Culture of Latvia, State Cultural Capital Foundation of Latvia, Riga City Council, Ministry of Culture of Slovenia, Ljubljana City Council, Independent Stage “Skatuve”, Internet portal “Delfi”, Radio “Naba”, Latvian Radio 3, Company NA, KM Sound, Daile Theatre


The Story of Daniel Ray

The most awarded and the most known performance created by Umka.lv. The story is about the secret life of some old schoolbag. The main character of the performance (A backpack of a brand "Daniel Ray") experience all the adventures of TV serials about criminals and unselfishly fights for freedom, justice and love...

This performance took part in International Theatre festival "Homo Novus" in the autumn 2005.

At the moment awarded as:

"The most wanted abroad performance" - "LAINSUOJATTOMAT" (OUTLAWS), Finland

"Best Culture Event in 2006" - Latvia, A/S "Diena"

to be continued... :)

Produced by: International Festival of Contemporary Theatre Homo Novus and "United Intimacy"

Thanks to : Latvijas Jaunā teātra institūts, United Intimacy, LKKF, Dirty Deal Cafe.


Kroko and Dilla

This play „KROKO AND DILLA” is based on latvian poetrist's Imants Ziedonis tale about two crocodiles that has grew up in the city. And also about the people which are responsible for that. The performance is an ingenious game with genders without words.
In the april of 2005 this play won an special prize from jury in Cabourg Theatre School Festival (France).

Thanks to: Latvijas Kultūrkapitāla fonds

TAKE A LOOK - Kroko & Dilla.avi
Attention! Probably look for the other player than Windows media cause microsoft sucks. Better take VLC from sourceforge, if you still don't have it, look up for it here: http://www.videolan.org/


Šokolādspudiņč arpūkrējumu

„ŠOKOLĀDSPUDIŅČARPŪKRĒJUMU” is a crazy story without any frames and with sincrone translation (the language actors use on the stage is fake).

The story is based on swedish writer's Barbro Lindgrin story "Loranga, Masarin and D'Artanjan" about a strange family with three men in three generations - a son, his father and his grandfather.

“Loranga is the biggest scatterbrain in the world. He runs around with flowered tea-cosy on his head and red bathrobe. He loves popmusic and hates to work. He has a son - little Masarin, so together they manage everything and also he has a father - D'artanjan (he has a fever at least 20 times a day). And next to their house in the wood lives the grandfather of D'artanjan, but he is so old that only thing he is able to do is to nodle like a cuckoo".

Thanks to: Latvijas Kultūrkapitāla fonds